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Mangawhai Lodge Enviro Award Mangaawhia Lodge Guest and Hosted award

Sustainability at Mangawhai lodge

We limit our carbon footprint without reducing guests comfort and enjoyment by conserving, reusing, recycling & reducing waste.

We invite our guests to help.

Wastewater Management  We monitor our waste product and reduce the amount by conservation of water.

Energy Efficiency Light bulbs are changed to low energy where possible, we use timers on heaters and turn off equipment when not in use.

Water Conservation  Rainwater is collected from the roof and filtered for safety.  We have restrictors on taps to reduce waste without impacting on guest comfort.  Our garden is planted with native & hardy plants to reduce water needs in summer.

We buy locally and seasonally where possible and use organic produce when available. (as it tastes better!)

We are passionate about water conservation and invite guest participation by offering a towel and linen change policy, and encourage conservative water use practices.

Promote the protection and care of the New Zealand Fairy Tern (tara iti) which nests at Mangawhai and is New Zealands most endangered bird with 39 remaining as of April 14.

Initiates We Take

  • We limit use of disposable sundries without reducing guest comfort
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaners where ever possible.
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs and appliances
  • Recycle plastics/cans/paper/ bottles etc
  • Buy locally, organically and seasonally when possible
  • Renovate, using eco paints, add insulation, remove inefficient heating sources
  • Attend workshops on sustainable development through regional tourism initiatives
  • Support community and regional initiatives.